Story of WDW Bingo

by Jeff (October 30, 2023)

WDW Bingo is a great game to play while waiting in line at Walt Disney World. If you just looked up at the Disney attraction wait time sign and it said 60, 70, 90 or more minutes for your favorite ride, you know time is not on your side. But with WDW Bingo, you can have fun 🎉 while waiting in line. Before you know, it you will be loading onto your favorite attraction.

The idea 💡 for WDW Bingo started quite different. For a while, I wanted to make a digital scavenger hunt app. Our family, would often make and play scavenger hunts in our town around holidays. It was always so much fun. I wanted something like a Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt 🏰. A typical scavenger hunt gives you a list of items to find and you go off and search, but we don't always have this luxury of going anywhere when visiting the parks. We have to keep up with friends and family. There's not always time to play a typical scavenger hunt game.

I had already created the game Interstate Bingo for iPhone and iPad several years prior. This game gives you to have something to do while being trapped in a car 🚗 for a long road trip. I needed to combine the idea of a Disney Scavenger Hunt with the simplicity of a Disney bingo game. Out of this was born WDW Bingo.

"Have fun waiting in line!"

How to play - The game provides the player with randomize list of items you can find in the queue line of your favorite ride or attraction.

  • Choose your park - Choose which park you are visiting today. You can choose from Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom. You can even play at the resorts and Disney Springs.
  • Select an attraction - Select from over 38 attractions.
  • Bingo Card 🔍 - You will see a randomized list of items to search for in the ride's queue line. Other players will get a different randomized bingo card.
  • Win 🎉 - Five across, down or diagonal to win.
  • Collect Coins 🪙 - Unlock achievement coins to keep up with your progress.

Get your friends and family to play on their own devices to see who can get WDW Bingo 🎆 first.

Download on the App Store now.