Welcome to OH BOY! Labs

by Jeff (October 15, 2023)

OH BOY! Labs was an idea that I had been thinking about for many years. I had spent 25+ years in a corporate environment, but I really wanted to create apps and games for myself. I tried creating apps in the past by working nights and weekends. But this proved to have too slow of a development pace. 🐌 I knew, if I wanted to make larger more full featured apps, I was going to have to make this my full-time job. In 2022, I made this idea a reality with OH BOY! Labs. 👏

I wanted to create fun, colorful and engaging apps and games for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Apple Watch and the Mac. Over the years, I had collected many ideas 💡 for apps and games. Often the best app is one that satisfies your own needs. If I wanted an app, then there's a good chance that others would want them also.

"I was going to have to make this my full-time job."

I will talk about this in more detail in later stories, but I have to mention Swift and SwiftUI. These are technologies that Apple created over the last several years. I can honestly say without these new tools, I would not have the capacity to create and update so many apps. They are game changers for app development. 💯

Here are a few of the many apps and games I have available in the Apple App Store.

  • WDW Bingo - 🔍 A scavenger hunt bingo game to play while waiting in line at Walt Disney World.
  • Learning Decks - 👩‍🏫 A learning app to help your toddler learn alphabet, numbers, time, space, animals and much more.
  • Interstate Bingo - 🚗 A fun game to play while traveling in your car with friends and family.
  • The Most Unique Game - 📺 This AppleTV, iPhone and iPad game gives the player a category. Then it's up to you to create the most unique list of items in each category.

As a one person shop, I have to find time to code, create graphics, create the website, social media posts and now story posts. Since I am still on the learning path for story posts, I will make this first one shorter. You're welcome. 🤣